How to Cool Down Your Tongue After Eating Spicy Food

By First Posted: Feb 14, 2019 Thu 9:07 AM
How to Cool Down Your Tongue After Eating Spicy Food
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We all love to eat a little spicy food since Indian food is spicy and flavourful. But what happens when you eat food that is 'extra spicy' or too hot to handle? Do you find yourself rushing for a glass of water?

Water is great when you want to cool down your body on a hot day. But for cooling down your mouth after eating an insanely hot dish, you need something else!

Dairy is the answer to this unique problem! Having a side of creamy sauce or dressing when you eat hot foods is the solution to extra heat in your food. This is why traditional Indian food always has a side of dahi or raita. A creamy raita or a creamy drink like lassi or badam milk is the best way to get rid of the fiery heat in your mouth after eating a hot dish. Some people say that an acidic ietm can also help in  this situation. So eating tomatoes or drinking lemon juice can also help. Do you want to try this one out and confirm if acid really helps balance the heat?

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