Common Signs of Depression in Children

By First Posted: Jan 31, 2019 Thu 10:38 AM
Common Signs of Depression in Children
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Do you know, even children can get webbed by depression and anxiety? Yes, you heard me right, anyone can suffer from anxiety and depression irrespective of the age.

Most kids do feel sad, lonely, or depressed. But, if your child seems obstinately sad or hopeless and it is affecting relationships, he or she may suffer from childhood depression.

Childhood depression is dogged sadness. When it occurs, the child feels alone, hopeless, helpless, and worthless.

Here below we have jotted down some signs/symptoms that can help you to analyze if your kid is suffering from depression or not:

The signs and symptoms of childhood depression includes:

  • Changes in appetite -- either increased appetite or decreased
  • Changes in sleep -- sleeplessness or excessive sleep
  • Continuous spirits of sadness or futility
  • Struggle in focusing
  • Weariness and low energy
  • Feelings of insignificance or guilt
  • Compromised thinking or concentration
  • Increased sensitivity to rejection
  • Petulance or anger
  • Physical complaints (such as stomachaches or headaches) that do not respond to treatment
  • Reduced ability to function during events and activities at home or with friends, in school or during extracurricular activities, or when involved with hobbies or other interests
  • Social extraction
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Vocal outpourings or crying

So, you can consider the above symptoms to know if your child is suffering from depression or not.


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