Your Smartphone Might Be The Reason Behind Your Insomnia!

By First Posted: Jan 18, 2019 Fri 6:24 AM
Your Smartphone Might Be The Reason Behind Your Insomnia!
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Our generation has many more health problems than that of our parents, and the millenials seem to be developing many of these health problems at a very young age. We are talking about health problems like neck pain, stiffness in muscles, insomnia and mental health issues. Experts say that early onset of these problems (generally linked with ageing) is related with the increasing use of technology.

Today we will focus on Insomnia. Why does our generation find it harder to sleep? Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between smartphone use and sleeping patters. All studies come to the same conclusion - your smartphone is indeed one reason why you can't get enough sleep! Here's how:

1. FOMO - Fear of Missing Out has become very strong ever since smartphones became popular. Today we are constantly connected to the internet and the more we use our phones, the more susceptible we become to FOMO. This is what keep us awake at night, checking our friends' online activities, sharing stuff with the world.

2. Blue Light - Our phones emit the bluelight - a light that our brains find similar to daylight. So the production of Melatonin, our sleeping hormone, is hampered. We find it harder to fall asleep as a result.

3. If you need a book to fall asleep, you might be tempted to read on your phone or tablet. But again, the melatonin supression causes you to stay awake longer than you would with a traditional paperback.

4. If you sleep with your phone in the same room, the beeps and alerts on your phone will keep waking you up. Since most people have friends all over the world these days, it is unlikely that your phone will not beep during the night!

If you really need to use your phone in the night, keep it 14 inches away from your face. This helps in reducing the Melatonin supression. It is best to not sleep with your phone in  the same room, as phones also emit radiation which cannot be good for our health!

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