Should Skin-Lightening Treatments be Banned?

By First Posted: Jan 12, 2019 Sat 7:16 AM
Should Skin-Lightening Treatments be Banned?
Image Credit: Syle Craze

Did you know that Rwanda has banned all skin lightening treatments and cosmetics? The ban is being implemented by their Ministry of Health, FDA and Standards Board. The officials are busy working across the country, seizing all banned products being sold at beauty/cosmetic shops etc. The idea behind this ban is that these products are not good for health/skin.

Do you think we need such a ban in India?

Not only are such cosmetic products too harsh and unhealthy for the skin, they are also bad for the society in general. The fairness products industry in India is worth $450 million. This industry advertises their products and influences the society in so many ways. What do you think a dark skinned girl feels when she watches an advertisement showing how a fairness cream helps young girls in finding a husband or a job? Is this what we want to teach our youngsters? Is fair skin really essential for finding your dream job or a great life partner?

When will we get over our obsession for fair skin? Do we need a ban to bring this change in our thinking?

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