Meet Gita Gopinath, a Shining Role Model for All of Us

By First Posted: Jan 10, 2019 Thu 9:38 AM
Meet Gita Gopinath, a Shining Role Model for All of Us
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Gopinath thrives Maurice (Maury) Obstfeld as Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF's Research Department. Mysore-born Gita Gopinath has hemmed International Monetary Fund as its chief economist, becoming the first woman to occupy the top IMF post.

Proclaiming her appointment on October 1, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde labeled her as "one of the world outstanding economists with impeccable academic credentials, a proven track record of intellectual leadership and extensive international experience."

The 11th chief economist of the IMF, Gopinath in a recent conference to The Harvard Gazette defined her selection at the IMF as a marvelous honor and said the appointment of the first ever woman for this position speaks highly of IMF's Managing Director Lagarde. She is phenomenal, not just in her leadership of the IMF but as a role model for women around the world, she said.

Identifying some of her top urgencies at the IMF, Ms. Gopinath told The Harvard Gazette that she would like the IMF to continue to be a place that provides rational leadership on important policy questions.

We congratulate her on the achievements she proclaimed recently. We are really proud of Gita Gopinath and she is undoubtedly a shining role model for all of us.


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