Finally, You Can Buy Hi-Tech Bras!

By First Posted: Jan 10, 2019 Thu 7:32 AM
Finally, You Can Buy Hi-Tech Bras!
Image Credit: Snapmunk

Often we have heard women talk about how difficult it is to find a really good bra. For one, it is very difficult to find the right size and fit. Then, the material and style should also agree with you! When you finally find the one, it seems to not fit you any more after a month or so. Did your size change, or did the bra shrink? Men would never understand the troubles we face to properly dress our girls, right?

If you have wondered why nobody ever came up with technology to solve these problems, your prayers have been answered. We now have hi-tech bras that will fit perfectly, and you will never again buy a bra that does not fit you properly!

Soma has come out with the Somainnofit bra, a bra that measures your size when you put it on. It is bluetooth enabled and uses an app to work out your bra size after taking your measurements, when you slip it on. This is not just a bra, it is a gadget that will help you buy more bras for life by telling you your right size. Even when this bra does not fit you any more, it can still tell you which size to buy!

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