Ditch the Diet, Ditch the Stress!

By First Posted: Jan 6, 2019 Sun 4:58 PM
Ditch the Diet, Ditch the Stress!
Image Credit: Zee News

In the modern world of body shaming and body image issues, dieting is a way of life for most women. If we have a date coming up, we diet. If we have a party coming up, we diet. If there is a wedding coming up, we diet. We diet when we start a new job, we diet when we join a new college - the list is endless. 

But did you know that dieting is really stressful, not just physically, but also emotionally?

Google searches for terms like 'Keto' and 'Intermittent Fasting' are increasing manifold day by day. With this, we are turning into a stressed generation - stressed about weight and body image.

If you want to enjoy a carefree and stress free life, ditch the dieting mentality. Embrace your body and embrace your food. Focus on making healthier choices at the dining table. Forget about the weight. Just think of it in this way - you have one life. Do you want to spend it enjoying every day? Or would you rather spend every day worrying about your weight and denying yourself food? Practice mindful eating, learn to recognize body cues like hunger, fullness etc. Include healthy and wholesome foods in your diet and enjoy eating the things you like!

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