Are You Impressed With This Airport Look?

By First Posted: Jan 4, 2019 Fri 7:49 AM
Are You Impressed With This Airport Look?
Image Credit: The Indian Express

These days our celebrities work hard to pose in their best airport looks. We have even heard Karan Johar say on a show that he works very hard on his airport looks, often inviting media to the airport so they can take pictures of him! No doubt Bollywood celebrities are vain, but we love to watch them anyway!

So here is a picture of Alia Bhatt in her airport look. She is casually dressed (a little too casually perhaps) in a Gucci nightsuit. This picture has gone viral and so has the price of this outfit. We hear that this nightsuit is priced at Rs. 1.8 lakh, and the Ralph Lauren bag Ali is carrying is priced at Rs. 98000.

What do you think when you see this picture and read about the price tags of Alia's nightsuit and accessories? It is amazing how our celebrities spend a fortune on their airport looks when for a huge percentage of India's population Rs. 1.8 lakh means savings of a lifetime!

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