Veganuary & Dry Jan: Health Trends for the First Month of 2019

By First Posted: Jan 3, 2019 Thu 3:59 PM
Veganuary & Dry Jan: Health Trends for the First Month of 2019
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Veganuary' and Dry Jan has become the latest trend for those looking to bring in the New Year with a detox as supermarkets have exposed an upsurge in demand for meat and dairy free food.

Veganuary, a charity which inspires people to go vegan for New Year this year was launched in the UK in January 2014. Many people make New Year’s determinations to lose weight, drink less, while others want to try out veganism – or refraining from the use of animal products.

This New Year, the first month of 2019 is trending high with Veganuary & Dry Jan.

Take Dry January as a regular health regime in the first month of 2019. Why suffer a month of guilt-tripping by yourself? Carry on having a few drinks every now and again, telling yourself it’s medicinal, or a reward for all the salad you’ve probably been eating.

Another prevalent New Year promise is to #eatclean or a promise to Veganuary – going. While there’s nothing wrong in principle with either of these ideologies. If you set something up as a challenge then, yes, there’s every chance you’ll prosper and feel the euphoria of a champion.

So, are you trying Veganuary and Dry Jan this first month of 2019?


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