4 Reasons Why House Parties are Better than Going Out with Friends

By First Posted: Jan 3, 2019 Thu 4:24 PM Updated: Dec 2, 2019 Mon 11:00 AM
4 Reasons Why House Parties are Better than Going Out with Friends
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When you organize a party that includes fun and liquor, it’s never easy. Some of your friends will want to go clubbing while others will advise a house party and it gets confusing every time. However, house parties are always better than going out with friends for partying. House parties are always kickass for fun and drinking.

Here we have 4 reasons why house parties are better than going out with friends:

>No Overpriced Drinks: House parties will have no overpriced drinks and it will cost minimal for your enjoyment. This is never an issue at house parties as you’re your own bartender. You can pour as many glasses of uncertainly priced wine you brought along with you.

>Dress Code: General clubs will likely have a dress code for both girls and guys. Usually, people at clubs are well-dressed and festooned up. But a dress code becomes a little restrictive. However, house parties are so much cooler that way. You will not have any dress code when you plan at party at your house.

>Music: At the clubs, you will stuck with a DJ and this can either be the best or the worst thing depending on if your music taste. A lot of clubs are going noise-free by giving their guests headphones where they can either play their own groove to the DJ’s thumps. However, people have been doing this for long at house parties.

>Safety: When you go merrimenting at clubs, you are likely to drink a lot. If the people you go partying with also end up drinking that much, it’s risky for anyone to drive the rest of the people back to their homes. At a house party, you will know that the attendees are all your friends. The host usually takes up the responsibility of ensuring that everyone gets home safe and nobody drinks and drives. Otherwise, you always have the option of just crashing their couch.

So, it is very evident that house parties are much better than clubbing outside.


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