Soon You Will be Lodged in a Capsule Hotel As You Wait for Your Train!

By First Posted: Jan 2, 2019 Wed 1:11 AM
Soon You Will be Lodged in a Capsule Hotel As You Wait for Your Train!
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It is in the news that IRCTC is setting up a pod also known as capsule hotel, while one waits for their train. IRCTC is recommending to set up a pod hotel near the Mumbai Central railway station. The idea is to deliver travelers the choice of comfortable stopover with more facilities than retiring rooms.

Talking about the proposed capsule hotel, Pinakin Morawala, spokesperson, IRCTC said, “We are planning a 30 pod capsule hotel. The proposal is in nascent stages and the land has been identified. We are now awaiting approval from Western Railway before sanctioning a feasibility study.” Pinakin Morawala also told a leading media house that the pods will offer passenger services such as temperature and light control, WiFi, small entertainment screens, intercoms, a comfortable place to rest, personal lockers, power sockets and USB ports.

Contingent on the success of this pod hotel, IRCTC may aspect to open similar lodging spaces near major stations on the Indian Railways network. According to Pinakin Morawala, it is too early to put an estimate on the likely cost of the project. Asked about the proposed rates for the pod, he said, “That will depend on the number of hours the pod is engaged for etc. Usually, the rate for a pod will be around Rs 2500, but it’s too early to decide on what IRCTC will charge.”

Well, we are happy to see that IRCTC is taking an initiative to do something for the benefit of the local public while they plan to travel from train stations.


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