Can Indian Diet be Adapted to the Ketogenic Way of Eating?

By First Posted: Dec 30, 2018 Sun 3:31 PM
Can Indian Diet be Adapted to the Ketogenic Way of Eating?
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There is something very peculiar about Indian dietary charts and their food habits. In this pace environment, is it possible that the Indian diet acclimates a ketogenic way of eating to remain healthy and carbs free? The Ketogenic or Keto diet has rapidly become one of the most buzzed-about diet plans out there. The Ketogenic diet is all about curtailing your carbs and upping your fats. The goal is to get the body to metabolize fat, rather than sugar and remain healthy.

In India, where we eat a lot of carbs in the form of rice and noodles, it is very debatable to adapt the ketogenic way of eating. Also, finding the right meal plan for the Indian palate will be a challenge for two reasons:

>Most Keto recipes are based on foreign ingredients not all of which are available here in India

>The same foreignness of these recipes made it much harder to adapt to eating these meals day in-day out.

Anyone who has dieted before is well aware that the first few days can be very rough. The Keto diet is no different. Changing to a Keto lifestyle can involve a complete shift away from eating habits you’ve indoctrinated over a lifetime. Carb cravings are a real challenge initially and the Keto Flu does hit some people harder than it does others.

So, it is still debatable if Indian diet can adapt the ketogenic way of eating.


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