Gorakhnath Temple Sets the Tone for An Inclusive Future

By First Posted: Dec 29, 2018 Sat 3:15 AM
Gorakhnath Temple Sets the Tone for An Inclusive Future
Image Credit: Post Card News

As a fake news item was spread by India Today, suddenly everyone is talking about the Gorakhnath Mandir in UP.

India Today claimed that this temple denied entry to people based on their caste; Dalits were denied entry, to be specific. As soon as this news was out, many people from within the Dalit community have begun tweeting about the temple and its inclusive policies. 

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this temple has employed Dalits at various positions for many years now. In fact, the current head priest, head of Kitchen and head of Gaushala are all Dalits. It is well known that Dalits were not allowed in Hindu temples for a long time. But in modern India, temples do not deny entry to anyone based on caste or even religion. But having a Dalit head priest is still not very common for our temples. Certainly, we must appreciate inclusive policies of UP's CM Yogi Adityanath, who is also the head/mahant of Gorkhanath math.

As we gear up for 2019 elections, we will be swamped with fake news from both media camps. It is now our responsibility to not fall for everything we watch on TV or read about in papers. Let us wait for the truth to be revealed before making any harsh decisions about either camp!

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