Do These Insulting Compliments Make You Happy?

By First Posted: Dec 25, 2018 Tue 1:40 AM Updated: Nov 19, 2019 Tue 9:50 AM
Do These Insulting Compliments Make You Happy?
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Do you know that some seemingly innocent compliments are actually insults? If you have a frenemy at work or in your social circle, you have definitely heard a few of these compliments. But did you recognize that these are actually hidden insults?

Insulting Compliments

1. You drive really well for a girl! (Really?)

2. You are on time! (Meaning you are always late.)

3. This hairdo makes you look really young. (You usually look so old!)

4. I am so pleasantly surprised you aced that interview and got the job. (I am surprised coz you are not really that good.)

5. You are so good at wearing makeup. (Your makeup is why you look good!)

6. You look great for your age! (Don't forget you are getting old.)

7. OMG I did not recognize you without all that weight! (Ouch, this one hurts.)

8. OMG! Your boyfriend is sooo hot I can't believe my eyes. (How on earth did he fall for you?)

Now you know what an insulting compliment sounds like, right? So next time you get one, just give it back to them in the same language!

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