Government Brings Christmas Gifts for All!

By First Posted: Dec 24, 2018 Mon 5:49 PM
Government Brings Christmas Gifts for All!
Image Credit: Nandesh Gowda

If there is a season for gifts after Diwali, it is Christmas time. This must be why Indian government decided to play Santa Claus and announced a reduction in GST rates for common items. Here are a few things that got cheaper for us this Christmas:

GST Rate Cuts Announced

- Cinema tickets priced over Rs 100 have been moved from the 28% GST to 18% GST category. Cinema tickets under Rs 100 have been moved from 18% to 12% category. Enjoy the films!

- TV screens and monitors sized 32 inches have been moved from 28% GST to 18% GST.

- Third party insurance also moved to 12% GST category.

- There will be a GST of 5% on solar powr generating plants.

- GST on wheelchairs has been reduced from 28% to 5% - amazing!

The items which still remain in the 28% category are now luxury items like automobile parts, AC and dishwashers etc. Certainly this revision of GST rates means a lot for the aam aadmi. We hear that there will be another meeting in January and we can expect more rate cuts.

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