Benefits of Compound Exercises

By First Posted: Dec 19, 2018 Wed 8:14 AM
Benefits of Compound Exercises
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If you are into fitness and health, you may have come across the term Compound exercises. These days we read about compound exercises and how they can help us get fit quickly. But do you know what this term means?

What are Compound Exercises?

When you combine 2 or more exercises into one compound move, it is called a compound exercise. For example, you can combine bicep curls with squats or lunges.

Benefit of Compounding

The benefit is that you can fit in more benefits into a shorter workout. You can target more muscles within a fixed time duration. This results in compounding of the benefits!

Another benefit is that compounding keeps things interesting and you can make workout more challenging whenever you seem to get bored.

Lastly, compounding improves your sense of balance as you learn to use different muscle groups together. Improved balance is great for general life, especially as you get older!

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