5 Signs You are Falling Out of Love

By First Posted: Dec 13, 2018 Thu 1:52 PM Updated: Nov 7, 2019 Thu 7:16 AM
5 Signs You are Falling Out of Love
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Falling in love is awesome. But with the passing time the love and affection do not stay strong as in the beginning. You can be in a relationship but may not feel the love. The euphoric feeling doesn’t last forever. It will slowly settle into long lasting serenity, but in the worst case, the love will disappear altogether.

If you’re worried that you are falling out of love, look for these five common signs:

>There’s no sexual desire: A lot of couples don’t have sex, but it’s not because they don’t want to. Love is unswervingly tied to closeness and attachment, and when you no longer desire your partner (or your partner no longer desires you), that means the emotional connection is gone.

>You fantasize about a life without them: Once you can picture your life without your love partner and you like it, it’s a pretty clear sign the love has faded.

>You feel lonely: Even if you don’t love your partner anymore, we all crave love and connection. The very moment you feel lonely even after being in a relationship seems like the love got diminished.

>Saying “I love you” hurts: When you say “I love you” only out of responsibility or to avoid awkwardness, there is no love in your relationship. Verbal assertion of love is so deep-seated in our culture it’s unavoidable. If you feel the need to withhold this affection, it’s likely symptomatic of something deeper happening in your relationship.

>The fighting never ends: Fighting is never fun, but it’s an important and necessary way for couples to resolve disagreements. If fights occur regularly or your intent is to heap blame on your partner, they’re a problem.

So, above signs shows that you are falling out of love.


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