Roshni-Anshuman Shock Fans With News of Break-Up

By First Posted: Dec 8, 2018 Sat 12:48 PM
Roshni-Anshuman Shock Fans With News of Break-Up
Image Credit: Bollywood Shadis

If you have been watching Splitsvilla 11, you must agree that Roshni Wadhwani and Anshuman Malhotra make the cutest couple ever! This cute couple had even Sunny Leone go Awwwwww at them many times during the show. Girls all over India fell in love with the love story of this cute couple. It was only a few months ago that both Roshni and Anshu declared their love for each other all over social media. But like all good things, this story also came to an end!

Roshni and Anshuman have broken the news of their break-up after the show. 

During her 'Ask Me a Question' session online, Roshni answered a question about their break up, "I think some people are not meant to be together and we have to accept this sooner or later. Everything ended on a good term. I still wish the best for him and respect him like I used to."

Anshuman also declared that he is single when he was quizzed about his relationships. Anshu has even deleted all pictures of Roshni from his social media accounts. 

Ouch! Love hurts...

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