Improper Sleep Linked With Heart Disease, Even Death!

By First Posted: Dec 7, 2018 Fri 1:19 PM Updated: Nov 4, 2019 Mon 3:26 AM
Improper Sleep Linked With Heart Disease, Even Death!
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Do you know, one should sleep for proper six to eight hours to avoid any heart-related disease? The amount of time we sleep, counting daytime naps, is linked to your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and death.

The scholars found that people who slept for longer than the suggested duration of six to eight hours a day had an amplified risk of dying or developing diseases of the heart or blood vessels in the brain. Compared to people who napped for the recommended time, those who slept a total of eight to nine hours a day had a 5 percent increased risk; people sleeping between nine and ten hours a day had an increased risk of 17 percent and those sleeping more than ten hours a day had a 41 percent increased risk. They also found a 9 percent increased risk for people who slept a total of six or fewer hours, but this finding was not statistically noteworthy.

Associations between sleep and death or cardiovascular and other diseases have been suggested by many studies, but results have been contradictory. In addition, they tended to look at particular populations and did not necessarily take account of the fact that in some countries daytime napping can be common and considered healthy.

However, to be on a safer end, it is important that you take proper sleep to avoid heart-related diseases.


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