Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid

By First Posted: Dec 5, 2018 Wed 7:51 AM
Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid
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The incidence of cancer is quickly rising in India. Till a few years ago, it was still a rare disease. But today it has become so common that we all know someone in our social circle who suffered from the deadly disease. 

The rise of Cancer is linked with many factors and one of them is our rapidly changing diet. Here are a few common food items that are known to be carcinogenic, and are best avoided! Excess of these food items is linked with higher risk of various cancers.

Common Carcinogenic Foods

1. Processed meats

2. Cured fish

3. Alcohol (in excess)

4. Red meat (in excess)

5. Charred (burnt) food - common in grilled meat

6. Soda (in excess)

7. Salmon (due to pollutants the fish is exposed to)

8. White carbs like white pasta and white bread (in excess)

9. Canned tomato paste

The best thing is to cook food at home, using natural ingredients. Try to eat the same foods that your family has eaten traditionally for ages! Yay to dal-chawal...

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