Side Effects of Working at a Desk Job

By First Posted: Dec 4, 2018 Tue 7:44 AM
Side Effects of Working at a Desk Job
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If you sit at a desk all day, every day, every year - chances are you are not in the best of health!

People who work at desk jobs spend most of their day just sitting. Though it might sound like a convenient job, it is not very good for the health. Our bodies are made to be in motion. A sedentary life can only mean one thing - failing health. Here are a few ways in which your desk job is affecting your health:

Side Effects of Life at a Desk

- Weight Gain 

- High Cholestrol

- Diabetes and Hypertension

- Bad Posture - leading to back ache

- Weak Muscles

Apart from these, even your mind suffers from a routine of sitting for prolonged hours. Some people suffer from depression and anxiety due to these jobs. All these side effects are eve worse for people who work in rotating shifts eg: at a call centre.

What Can Be Done? If you can't change your job, find ways to bring more activity and motion into your life.

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