5 Spices to Warm Up Your Winters

By First Posted: Dec 4, 2018 Tue 1:33 PM Updated: Oct 24, 2019 Thu 8:05 PM
5 Spices to Warm Up Your Winters
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In this winter we have few spices that can actually keep you warm. Yes, you heard me right, there are specific spices that can warm the outside chill in your body. Winter foods can be an unimpeachable pleasure. But indulgence apart, warmth is what the body needs this season and spices used well, can ensure that.

Here we have 5 spices to warm up your winters:

>Turmeric: Turmeric is a natural antibiotic. Indian cuisine uses turmeric in most of its cooking. We suggest you consume turmeric this season to remain warm and healthy this season. The wet version of turmeric is abundantly available in the Indian market.

>Cardamom: Tea infused with cloves and cardamom is helpful in preventing coughs and cold during this weather. Its aroma is known to uplift spirits and pushes away anxiety.

>Ginger: Indian homes often cook ginger-garlic paste and use it in most of their cooking. Add fresh ginger pieces to chicken soups and relish with garlic bread. It has anti-inflammatory capabilities, thus it helps fight throat and chest infections.

>Cinnamon: Cinnamon stimulate blood movement, thus inducing some warmth. It’s the perfect spice for this cold-hot-cold season, as it helps strengthen the immune system.

>Cloves: Ayurvedic medication relies on cloves to treat respiratory issues. Add two or three to soups, tea, dal and curries to keep cough at recess. Chewing a clove is said to help ease irritations in the throat, and chewing a burnt one is said to tackle cough.

So, consume the above spices in this winter to remain healthy and warmed up.


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