5 Reasons Why We Gain Weight Over the Winter!

By First Posted: Nov 27, 2018 Tue 7:31 AM
5 Reasons Why We Gain Weight Over the Winter!
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We all tend to gain weight in the winters. Did you ever wonder why? There are many reasons behind this. Some research even says that exposure to sun in the summer shrinks fat cells - conversely lack of sunshine in winters makes us fat!

5 Reasons Why We Get Fatter Every Winter

1. All the yummy food we eat! Winter is the time to enjoy garam gulab jamun, chikki, gajak, peanuts, til patti, gajar halwa and moong dal halwa - all these goodies have to show some effect, right?

2. Lack of exercise is the second reason why we gain weight in winters. We become inactive, snuggling in our cozy blankets instead of going out for some activity!

3. The jackets and sweaters we hide behind! Wearing this winterwear hides our bulges very nicely, so we don't even realize when we gain a few inches.

4. All major festivals come in the winter time. So we tend to enjoy and party a lot more in winter as compared to summer. The extra eating and drinking starts showing on the scales.

5. We tend to drink more of our favorite chai and coffee. Each cups adds a few calories!

Now that you know what makes us fatter in winters, maybe you can do something about it!


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