Controversy Follows #DeepVeer Wedding

By First Posted: Nov 20, 2018 Tue 8:02 AM
Controversy Follows #DeepVeer Wedding
Image Credit: Masala

As we waited with bated breath, the most eligible woman in Bollywood married the most eligible man - Deepika and Ranveer got married in a very private ceremony in Italy. They first tied the knot in Konkani style, then they had another wedding ceremony - Sikh style.

The Sikh style ceremony, called Anand Karaj, has brought up a whole new controversy!

According to a Sikh organisation based in Italy, the Anad Karaj was not performed correctly. The objection is that the Sikh Guru - Guru Granth Sahib should not be removed from Gurudwara and taken to a different venue. Even though a Hazoori Raagi from the Golden Temple in Amritsar was flown to Italy to preside over the ceremony, this error has been pointed out. In fact, a complaint will be lodged with the Akal Takht and will be investigated into!

Is it the celebrity status of this couple that got them into this controversy?

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