Celery Juice: the Latest Health Trend

By First Posted: Nov 18, 2018 Sun 7:30 AM
Celery Juice: the Latest Health Trend
Image Credit: Collective Evolution

Pictures of food all over the world have suddenly gotten a lot greener. Spinach was replaced by Broccoli and Kale a few years ago as the green superfoods. Now suddenly we have a new player in the game. The humble celery has been reinvented as celery juice. Suddenly everyone is talking about celery juice, taking pictures of celery juice and sharing those pictures. But are they drinking it too?

Apparently yes!

Celery juice is now being touted as another superfood. What's so good about it? It seems to have some pretty impressive benefits.

1. It can be used for weight loss. A glass of celery juive packs a big punch of fibre, which keeps you full for long.

2. The diuretic properties of this juice make it a great ally in your battle against bloating.

3. It is known to help in regulating blood pressure.

4. It can even help in reducing Cholestrol levels.

5. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

How do you get these benefits? Blend celery into a liquid and drink a glass every morning. Drink this juice before eating or drinking anything else. You will start seeing some benefits in as early as 2 weeks!!!

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