Are You Putting on Your Makeup Right?

By First Posted: Nov 16, 2018 Fri 8:06 AM Updated: Oct 2, 2019 Wed 7:48 AM
Are You Putting on Your Makeup Right?
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Wearing your morning face (also known as makeup) is a real art. Most women are not good at this art. This is simply because we don't realize that we make huge mistakes while putting on our makeup. Here are a few common mistakes we make while putting on makeup, some of these mistakes make us look older!

Common Makeup Mistakes

- Caking your face with powder.

- Wearing too much blush.

- Using black eyeliner all around the eyes. Use a lighter shade instead!

- Not blending everything in.

- Using the wrong tools.

- Wearing a lipstik in matte or wearing a very dark shade of lipstick.

- Droopy eyelashes, use a curler.

- Forgetting mascara, or not wearing it right.

- Thin darly filled in eyebrows.

All these mistakes make you look older, so avoid them. Go for softer shades and tones to get a more youthful look.


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