World Diabetes Days - Tips to Reduce Dependency on Sugar

By First Posted: Nov 15, 2018 Thu 1:46 PM
World Diabetes Days - Tips to Reduce Dependency on Sugar
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World Diabetes Day is celebrated around the entire globe to spread awareness about the diseases and to seek help at the right time to keep it in control. World Diabetes Day is the main global awareness crusade concentrating on diabetes mellitus and is held on 14 November each year.

So, in this year’s World Diabetes Day, we have some tips for you to reduce dependency on sugar:

> The Coffee Experiment:  If you like pouring a lot of sugar in your coffee (or tea) every day, you can use this as a chance to begin to train your palate to prefer less.  The coffee won’t taste quite as sweet but continue to drink it this way for two to three weeks, or until you get used to it. Once you are used to this level of sweetness, cut back by one more, and just keep repeating the process.

> Snack Swap: The same concept applies for sweet snacks. Figure out how many grams of sugar are in your distinctive snack. Find similar options that have fewer grams of sugar and start to substitute. Again, beware of artificial sweeteners in lower sugar versions (e.g., yogurt). These may actually taste even sweeter than real sugar versions even though they have fewer grams of sugar.

> Dilute your Sodas: By always imbibing beverages that taste sweet, we end up finding water and other unsweetened beverages less substantial. If you drink five sodas per day (diet or real sugar) replace one with water. Keep doing this until you have completely shifted. Gradually increase the water to drink mix ratio to dissuade yourself off of the sweet.

So, try the above tips to reduce your sugar consumption.


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