Benefits of Drinking Coffee Everyday

By First Posted: Nov 13, 2018 Tue 12:32 AM Updated: Oct 6, 2019 Sun 5:18 AM
Benefits of Drinking Coffee Everyday
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If you love your chai, you will be surprised to know of all the coffee benefits that you are missing out on!

Here are a few benefits of drinking coffee daily that even your chai cannot provide!

1. Prevent Alzheimer's disease. Research shows that people who drink coffee regularly are at a lower risk than others.

2. Increase metabolism: Regularly sipping on coffee is known to increase metaolism of slim people by upto 25% and if you are obese, you can still expect a 10% higher metabolism if you drink a few cups of coffee everyday.

3. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: Many studies have shown that people who drink coffee regularly are at a 25% less risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes later in life.

4. Drinking coffee can prevent onset of liver cirrhosis.

5. Drinking just 1 cup of coffee a day can rduce risk of stroke by 10%

6. Drinking 2 or more cups of coffee every day can increase life span!

Do you need another reason to switch to coffee???

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