Eat More Protein for Healthy Ageing

By First Posted: Nov 3, 2018 Sat 7:15 PM
Eat More Protein for Healthy Ageing
Image Credit: Life Hacker

It is not possible to stop the process of ageing, or even to delay it. But with proper care and nutrition, we can certainly make ageing a more graceful process.

The single thing that most elderly people are concerned about is the loss of their independence with ageing. Not being able to do your own daily chores, not being able to eat independently etc is a bothersome fact for most older people. But perhaps you can delay that stage for a very long time.

New research shows that increasing your protein intake as you age makes for better ageing. As you increase your protein intake, the muscular degeneration does not occur. This is why you are able to move independently, and do your daily tasks yourself.

For most people, it becomes hard to have high protein diet as they age because of digestive or dental problems. But if you get adequate amount of protein daily, ageing can be less worrisome!

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