Sona Mohapatra Accuses Kailash Kher of Sexual Harassment!

By First Posted: Oct 12, 2018 Fri 9:15 PM
Sona Mohapatra Accuses Kailash Kher of Sexual Harassment!
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Sona Mohapatra has accused Kailash Kher of sexual harassment. The singer has joined the #MeToo movement and has come up to share her experience, showing the dark side of the movie business.

Sona Mohapatra has alleged that she was sexually harassed by fellow singer Kailash Kher. In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, Sona accused Kailash of making inappropriate sexual advances towards her.

Speaking about one of her encounters with Kailash at a restaurant in Mumbai, she wrote, “I met Kailash for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing & after the usual, a hand on my thigh with lines likes, you’re so beautiful, feel so good that a ‘musician got you’ (Ram) not an actor. I left not soon after.” Sona further alleged that Kailash continued to make advances even as they landed in Dhaka for a concert. “On landing in Dhaka & on my way to the venue with the organizers, keeps calling me & when I don’t pick up, calls the organizers phone to get through to me & asks me to ‘skip’ the sound check & join him in his room instead to ‘catch up’,” she wrote.

On Monday, an unnamed female journalist, in a series of tweets, alleged that the singer sat between two women on an occasion and kept putting his hand on their thighs.

In his defense, Kailash said in a statement to a leading media house that: "For all those who know me and have come across me, will know how much I respect humanity, especially women, even more for the ones who work in media since their work is difficult."

Well, it seems like Sona has disclosed the real saint face of Kailash Kher in public. Don’t you think the same?


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