OMG - Sanskari Babuji Finds Mention in the Ongoing #MeToo Movement!!!

By First Posted: Oct 10, 2018 Wed 8:33 PM
OMG - Sanskari Babuji Finds Mention in the Ongoing #MeToo Movement!!!
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Nowadays, #MeToo Movement is creating a lot of controversies and headlines recently. The latest person who got looped in the movement is named as a Sanskari TV – film actor who starred in the show Tara. The writer-producer Vinta Nanda has come out with her assault story and how this lead actor raped her and violated her.

Vinita took to her Facebook page to segment the detailed account of what she had to go through about two decades back. She recalled that the makers of the show Tara decided to fire the actor in question, after getting to know that he was "after my lead girl" who was not interested in him.

She reveals that the "lead female actor was being harassed by him" and when she complained to the producers they decided to let him go.

As per Vinita's Facebook post, the day when they had to take his last shot, the actor "...came drunk on our sets. He continued to drink till the time he was called for the shot. When the moment came and the camera rolled, he felt up our female lead and very viciously. My lead actress slapped him. We asked him to leave the sets and told him that he was not going to be on the show any longer."

The sanskaari actor is now being hardheartedly trolled on Twitter, with netizens calling him 'rapist', some even tagged the Mumbai police to get him arrested. Well, the reaction from the public is justified. Don’t you think the same?


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