Fashion Tips for Women in 40s

By First Posted: Oct 10, 2018 Wed 8:06 AM
Fashion Tips for Women in 40s
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They say 40s is the New 20s, and it certianly seems like it. All around us, we see gorgeous women who shine even in their 40s and 50s. Some 60 year old ladies make us wonder if they are in 40s or 50s! It is all about grooming, TLC and some fashion sense.

How to Look Gorgeous in 40s

- Choose classy over rocking. So instead of embellished, low cut or frayed jeans, go for a classy pair of blue jeans paired with a white shirt.

- Avoid very short skirts, even if you want to wear them over a pair of leggings. This looks cool on a schoolgirl, but odd in middle age!

- Avoid graphic tees, choose classic silk shirts or simple tees.

- When buying jewelery, buy simple and classy items like pearls or other small pieces. Avoid clumsy chunky pieaces or big giant hooped earrings.

- Instead of stilletoes, go for shoes that are comfortable and classy.

- Don't get too experimental when applying makeup. Blue and green are not colors to put on your face in 40s. Go for classy timeless shades like peach and nude.

- Don't fall for the hip trends of the season. So say No to peeping undies, bra straps that show etc!

So basically, if you wish to look graceful and stylish, choose classy styles and ignore what the young crowd is doing!

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