Why Did Surbhi Rana Fight With Somi and Saba in the BB House?

By First Posted: Oct 5, 2018 Fri 3:12 AM
Why Did Surbhi Rana Fight With Somi and Saba in the BB House?
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The stir of fight and controversies are at high stake after the entry of Surbhi Rana in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss 12 is aiding audience with a lot of entertainment and drama. In the last episode, we witnessed 3-4 fights in the Bigg Boss house.

In one of the recent episodes, we can see that Khan Sisters Somi and Saba had an argument with the jodis for not taking their name for captaincy. Just at that moment, Somi walks out of the tête-à-tête and swear on her mother that she won’t take the captaincy this week.

Now in a new promo, Surbhi Rana is seen getting on to that topic again. This leads to a huge fight between Somi Khan and Surbhi. In the video Surbhi says, “Me raapta maarungi na neeche dab jayegi.”

Surbhi Rana abuses and fights gravely with Somi Khan & Saba Khan. It all started when Jodis in the house were in favor of making Deepak Thakur the captain of the house. Surbhi had a conversation with Somi after the luxury budget task and it escalated so much, it ended up in verbal abuse.

Well, to know more about the fight watch Bigg Boss season 12.


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