Tips to Fix Your Bad Hair Day

By First Posted: Oct 2, 2018 Tue 7:14 AM
Tips to Fix Your Bad Hair Day
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There is nobody in this world who can say they have never had a bad hair day...unless they are bald! We have all had days when our hair refuses to co-operate, looks like a mess, and makes us want to chop it off! More often than not, you will have a bad hair day on those days when you really want to look great for a work  meeting or a date! So how do you fix this mess?

Tips to Fix Your Bad Hair Day

1. Dry shampoo it. There is a real product sold in stores  that is called dry shampoo! If you can't find it, just apply a little baby powder at the roots of hair. Use very little powder so that it does not become noticeable. This will absorb all the excess oil and make your hair look fresh and glam.

2. A ponytail is a great way to make bad hair day transform into great hair day!

3. Learn to braid your hair. You can glamorize your bad hair into stylish braids even if you have not shampooed for 3 or 4 days!

4. If your hair looks limp and flat, try backcombing. This technique will give an instant lift to limp hair.

5. If you need an instant shampoo/straightening treatment but don't have the time for it, here is what can be done. Section out the front of your hair and shampoo it. Blowdry or straighten it as required. Just doing the front section will save you a lot of time and give the impression of freshly shampooed hair.

6. If the hair gets too wavy or frizzy to manage, just tie it in a messy bun and look ultra-glam!

Don't let your bad hair days get to you, just find ways to make them look great!

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