All You Wanted to Know About SC's Aadhaar Verdict.

By First Posted: Sep 27, 2018 Thu 6:31 PM
All You Wanted to Know About SC's Aadhaar Verdict.
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Supreme Court's significant verdict on Aadhaar's constitutional validity has begun dripping in. The Supreme Court has sustained the Aadhaar system as constitutionally valid. However, the peak court's five-judge constitution bench also struck down several provisions in the Aadhaar Act. 

Below are some of the highlights of the court verdict:

* The Supreme Court supported the validity of Aadhaar saying satisfactory security measures are taken to protect data. A five-judge worktable led by CJI Dipak Misra asked the government to provide more security measures as well as reduce the period of storage of data.

* The Supreme Court asked the Centre to bring a vigorous law for data protection as soon as possible.

* The SC said Aadhaar cannot be made obligatory for openings of a bank account and for getting mobile connections.

* The SC said that Aadhaar must not be made necessary for school admission and the administration cannot make it mandatory.

* The SC has made combining of Aadhaar and PAN mandatory. The apex court also made Aadhaar mandatory for the filing of Income Tax Return (ITR).

* Private companies can't ask for Aadhaar.

* The apex court hit down the provision in Aadhaar law allowing sharing of data on the ground of national security.

* Aadhaar satisfies the doctrine of proportionality, said justice Sikri, adding, "It is better to be unique than to be best."

So, the above verdict is proposed by the Supreme Court.


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