The Best Web Series in India That You Must Watch

By First Posted: Sep 25, 2018 Tue 7:03 AM
The Best Web Series in India That You Must Watch
Image Credit: Indian Express

Most young people today do not watch TV channels like Sony, Star Plus or Zee. The Millenials prefer to get their dose of entertainment digital style. So everybody is now talking about digital content available on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime etc. But there are a few web series that you can just watch on Youtube, and you must because this content is really great!

Here are a few binge-worthy web series made in India!

- Flames: This show will make you nostalgic as it takes you down the memory lane to your first crush in school etc!

- Immature: This is the story of a young boy who is in a hurry to grow up!

- Maaya and Maaya 2: This is for people who enjoy a little adult and mature content.

- Tere Liye Bro: The story of a group of friends who lose one from amongst them.

- It Happened in Hong Kong: A romantic tale that may remind you of Jab We Met, what's not to  like?

- The Reunion: As the name suggests, a story of friends who get together after a long time.

The content is varied, real and mostly about modern generation. If you like moving with the times, you will watch these and ask for more!

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