Are You Becoming an Alcoholic?

By First Posted: Sep 14, 2018 Fri 8:06 AM
Are You Becoming an Alcoholic?
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We have grown up believing that drinking is a bad habit. Yet as we grew up, we started drinking. We started enjoying our drinks. Some of our friends loved it so much that they became alcoholics and ruined their lives. But what about the rest of us who 'drink occasionally'?

Often people 'drink ocassionally'.They maintain this status even though the number of occasions goes on increasing ocer the years. From office parties to weekends to client meetings to every evening! If this rings any bells, read on to find out if you are on your way to becoming a raging alcoholic!

1. Do you often feel guilty about drinking and its effect on your health?

2. Is there a rift between you and your family (parents or partner or children) due to your drinking?

3. Do you prefer to sit home and relax with a drink rather than go out with family?

4. Do you need a drink to 'make you feel better' when something goes wrong?

5 Do you often promise to yourself that you will cut down on your drinking?

If the answer is Yes to most of these questions, you certainly enjoy your drink - more than your should! Accepting the problem is the first way towards fixing it. So think about this properly and figure out a way to deal with this issue.

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