Social Media is Depressing People!

By First Posted: Sep 13, 2018 Thu 7:58 AM
Social Media is Depressing People!
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We teach our children, right from when they are born, to be competitive. In our desire to prepare them for success in life, we give them a sense of insecurity. Youngsters today are comparing their life with millions of others and are ending up feeling bad about themselves.

When you are a little overweight, looking at perfect pictures of your friend makes you feel inadequate and gives you a feeling of shame and guilt. When you see the vacation pictures of your cousin with her family, you feel bad that you could not take your children to a European vacay. When you see posts of your colleague showering love on his spouse, you wonder why could you not have such perfect marriage! The list is endless.

Every post, every picture that you see on social media generates feelings in you. These feelings arise out of comparison you make with your own life. You feel that the life and relationships of people around you are perfect. But the truth is that these posts and pictures are meant to project this image of perfection, which might not really be true. Nobody is basking in love 24/7, people are not spending all their lives in restaurants and hotels. Everybody has their fair share of problems, but these problems and imperfections are not being shared on social media.

What to Do? Don't take social media too seriously, accept that it is all fake!

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