Guess Which are the Friendliest Countries in the World?

By First Posted: Sep 13, 2018 Thu 7:37 PM
Guess Which are the Friendliest Countries in the World?
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Are you planning to travel to different countries in the world and thinking about where to visit first? Well, we have a list of friendliest countries in the world that you can definitely visit for a happy vacation stay.

>Thailand: Thailand is referred to as the “land of smiles. This country is very welcoming and has its picturesque beaches, balmy weather, dazzling islands, amazing shopping, and fantastic food.

>Canada: Canada is one such country which is very friendly and creates an environment for visitors and immigrants. The country is also voted for a 2nd most peaceful country in the world and one should definitely visit the place for serenity.

>Scotland: With the wild, remote Highlands, there’s a lot of room for the Scottish to stretch out and even those who live in the cities are just a half-hour from spectacular landscapes that make for an easy escape.

>Iceland: Iceland may have a chillier climate, but the warmth of its people and its breathtaking scenery, makes up for the icy temperatures. There’s a good chance you’ll find an eager hiking buddy or two, enjoy plenty of friendly banter, and a host of new Facebook friends to add to your list.

>Morocco: This charismatically striking country attracts throngs of visitors with its rich culture, fascinating history, cosmopolitan cities and gorgeous coastlines. Morocco was rated third most welcoming to foreigners.

So, if you want to travel abroad for vacation, consider the above friendliest countries.


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