Is Non-Stick Cookware Safe for Your Health?

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2018 Sun 6:55 AM
Is Non-Stick Cookware Safe for Your Health?
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Almost everyone in our generation has owned a non-stick pot or pan at some point. In fact, when non stick cookware was first launched in India, it became a sort of status symbol. Everyone who could afford it, bought a few pieces. These pans not only looked good but were also super easy to clean as the food would not stick to their surface. But recently, we have started hearing a lot of negative information about this cookware. How much of it is true?

Non stick cookware is made using a substance that contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which happens to be a carcinogen. The PFOA starts emitting toxic gases when cook with this cookware and some of the toxins also get released into your food. This is why use of non-stick cookware is now being connected with Cancer. There are other harmful effects of using non stick cookware on your health. So you should definitely not be using such pots and pans any more.

What are Your Other Options?

If you really like and need a non-stick cookware, you can try these options.

1. Hard Anodized Aluminium cookware. Though this is still Aluminium, this cookware is said to be safer. The hard anodization makes the cookware non-stick and also makes it so tough that the metal cannot leech into your food even if you are cooking with tomatoes etc.

2. Ceramic Cookware or Ceramic Coated Cookware. These pots and pans are also non-stick. The downside is that ceramic coating on an aluminium pot will eventually wear off if you tend to scrape too much. Bt otherwise, these are great too.

If you are not too much interested in non-ctick, buy stainless steel pots and pans that are completely safe to use. For better heat transmission and cooking, you can also use aluminium pots with a stainless steel inner lining. This gives you the best of both steel and aluminium!

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