Javed Akhtar Debuts as Writer for Online Platform with Barefoot 11

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2018 Sun 1:28 AM
Javed Akhtar Debuts as Writer for Online Platform with Barefoot 11
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Javed Akhtar is making his debut as a writer in the digital monarchy with Barefoot 11. Barefoot 11 is the story of two Indians, a Muslim and a Hindu who succeed to create a bond amongst people through the power of sport, football in this case. The show will go on floors soon and will rejoice the first-rate era of Indian football in the country.

After writing dialogs and lyrics for feature films, Javed Akhtar is propelling to a new extent by writing the upcoming web-series. “This is something I have never done before, so it’s really exciting,” revealed the writer to a leading media house while adding that this was an opportunity to experiment for him. He further said, “I have done a lot of film screenplays but writing for a web-series is a different ball game altogether. It has a very different and dramatic structure. Writing for web facilitates you but also adds more responsibilities. Unlike films, you have a lot of time to play around with the script. But will you be capable to keep the audience interested for so long? That’s the real challenge. It tests you to write episodes that will keep one hooked throughout.”

Talking about the challenges of writing a period drama, he explained: "It is paradoxical in a way”. We are eagerly waiting for the web series to drop for us to enjoy the work of Javed Akhtar.


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