Ghoul: Experience Horror, the Netflix Way!

By First Posted: Aug 25, 2018 Sat 11:53 PM
Ghoul: Experience Horror, the Netflix Way!
Image Credit: Coming Soon Dot Net

If you are sick and tired of shows like Qayamat Ki Raat in the name of horror, Netflix is here to your rescue with an alternative! Ghoul is an Indian Netflix original, starring (who else but) Radhika Apte. This girl seems to be the postergirl for Netflix in India.

So Ghoul is a 3 part miniseries launched on Aug 24. It was originally meant to be a film, but after Netflix got involved with the project, it was turned into a 3 part mini series. The story revolves around character of Radhika Apte, who is a newly recruiter interrogator by armed forces. She finds out that one of the terrorists being kept in a detention centre has supernatural powers. 

What sets apart Ghoul from any other horror film is the environmental setting of this story. It addresses issues like radicalisation, sectarianism and loss of individual freedom. These issues are as pertinent today as they were at the time of 2 world wars. The series does not only scare you, but also makes you think. If you watch Ghoul tonight, we promise you that you will be asking for more...

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