Health and Beauty Benefits of Methi and Methi Seeds

By First Posted: Aug 22, 2018 Wed 4:28 AM
Health and Beauty Benefits of Methi and Methi Seeds
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Methi seeds are essential in Indian kitchens. Methi seeds not only add flavor to everyday dishes, these seeds also have a host of health and beauty benefits.

Here below we have listed some health and beauty benefits of Methi and Methi seeds:

>Combat hair fall: Methi seeds comprise mixtures that can support to reinforce hair roots and rebuild the sacs. Hence, whether included in diet or applied topically, these seeds can be tremendously useful.

>Prevent premature greying: Since Methi seeds are high in potassium and can help avoid premature greying of hair. In addition to including these seeds in your daily diet, apply methi seeds mask to the hair to retain its natural color for longer.

>Say goodbye to dandruff: Methi seeds helps in fighting dandruff without instigating further damage to the hair. These seeds are nothing less than a blessing when it comes to handling this common problem from the root cause.

>Aids digestion: Daily consumption of fenugreek seeds can help improve bowel movements. As Methi is rich in fiber and antioxidants, it helps flush out harmful toxins from the body, thereby aiding digestion.

>Up your weight loss game: Methi seeds comprise natural fibers, which help you stay full for a longer time, consequently smothering appetite and supporting weight reduction goals.

>Reduces labor pain: Methi seeds have been known to be helpful in stimulating labor and uterine densities. They additionally help decrease labor pain also. However, extreme intake of fenugreek seeds during pregnancy could put you in danger of lapse or premature childbirth.

So, above are some of the health and beauty benefits of Methi and Methi Seeds that you can keep in mind while consuming or using them in your daily schedule.


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