Radhe Maa's Got a New Natak Coming!

By First Posted: Aug 9, 2018 Thu 4:26 AM Updated: Aug 9, 2018 Thu 4:33 AM
Radhe Maa's Got a New Natak Coming!
Image Credit: Fable Feed

Radhe Maa, the self styled Godwoman, is all set to make an entry into your drawing rooms. Inspired by the success of Saif Ali Khan and Sunny Leone, Radhe Maa is now going to have her own web series. The series will be called 'Raah De Maa'. Since streaming giants like Netflix have decided to stay out of this one, producer Ramman Handa will be showcasing this series on new portal Natak.

Radhe Maa's story is full of masala and entertainment. She features on the list of 14 Fake Babas - the list has been drawn up by Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad - a body of sadhus. She has had FIR's lodged against her, carried a trishul on a flight, cheated people of their money, danced in casinos, and generally done many other things to shock people. She is the 'red' baba, who seems to know no other colour.

Radhe Maa has a huge gang of followers who love and worship her. We have heard that her devotees are allowed to kiss her and even carry her in their arms. Quite unconventional for a baba, right? But this is just what makes great entertainment. So get ready to watch Radhe Maa in a comic drama on the portal Natak!

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