Is Salman Miffed With Priyanka for Leaving Bharat?

By First Posted: Aug 8, 2018 Wed 5:57 PM
Is Salman Miffed With Priyanka for Leaving Bharat?
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It is a heated news in the entertainment business that Priyanka has backed out from ‘Bharat’ and is no longer be working with Salman Khan in this project. Well, the news of Priyanka backing out from a movie like Bharat for a Hollywood project seems very unrealistic, but it seems like the news is true.

Salman Khan was unavoidably asked about his former Bharat co-star Priyanka Chopra’s unexpected exit from the film during the Delhi trailer launch event for Loveratri, the latest film by his production house. Salman had a reply at the ready, despite no one breaching the topic at the Mumbai trailer launch event.

“I haven’t read the newspaper in the last few days when I do, I will have an answer for you,” Salman said, adding that he has been busy with Loveratri’s promotions lately. It has long been rumored that Salman is miffed at Priyanka for bailing on the film, which recently completed its first shooting schedule, according to director Ali Abbas Zafar.

Earlier, Priyanka Chopra's mother Madhu had sacked gossips of Salman being upset with Priyanka. She had said, "You people (media) only make such stuff up, Salman is not upset with her."

We just hope that Salman is not upset with Priyanka after her exit from Bharat.


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