Why Do Films Like 'Mulk' Fail at the Box Office?

By First Posted: Aug 6, 2018 Mon 10:08 PM
Why Do Films Like 'Mulk' Fail at the Box Office?
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Mulk released recently across theatres in India. Sadly it did not open to full theatres. The dismal performance at BO is an alarming thing for a film like Mulk. If you have not watched the film, you probably don't know much about it. The story begins with a young Prateik Babbar carrying out a terrorist activity - a bomb blast in a bus. He does this because he feels Islam is under threat and needs jihaad. 

Back home, this young man's uncle (Rishi Kapoor) refuses to accept his body because he sees him as a traitor. The film sheds light on current wave of Islamophobia that has swept the whole world. It shows how the family of Prateik Babbar is targetted and branded terrorists - how they struggle to keep their honour intact in the face of this incident.

This film is important because people need to talk about polarization of the society. This is especially heightened when an election is around the corner. We really need to talk about, and then get rid of, our 'us vs them' ideas. This applies not to Hindus alone, but also to Muslims. The film shows how ideal Hindus and Muslims should behave and live together for harmony. 

It is very sad that this film was not marketed well, not received well, and did not get people talking like it should have. Why did that happen?

The lack of a big bankable star and lack of proper marketing were the two main reasons for the film's failure. Unfortunately, whenever someone tries to make a film on subjects like this, there is not much money to spare. People who really care about such subjects watch the film, everyone else just ignores it completely, and this is what happened with Mulk. Even if you did not buy a ticket, do watch this film when it is telecast on the telly!

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