TLC Tips for Your Nails.

By First Posted: Aug 5, 2018 Sun 8:36 PM
TLC Tips for Your Nails.
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Grooming yourself includes taking care of your body and keeping up with a healthy hygiene. With healthy hygiene comes clean nails. By the time you notice your nails are in need of a little TLC, things are already horribly wrong.

Here below are some of the TLC tips for your nails:

>MOISTURIZE WITH A HAND CREAM DAILY: Just like you condition the skin on your face twice a day, it’s important to keep your hands nourished, too, so that they don’t become dry.

>PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM THE ELEMENTS: You know how your skin can tend to feel clotheshorse when the air is cold and dry? The same thing can happen to your hands. So, protect them with gloves to keep them safe from extreme changes in the atmosphere.

>INVEST IN CUTICLE OIL: Your nails that are often-overlooked in your fingers deserves a lot of attention. Rub on a little bit of cuticle oil each day to help care for dry and ragged cuticles.

>POLISH AWAY: Once your base coat has dried, you can get to work on actually painting your nails. Apply a thin coat of polish, let it dry, and then apply a second coat.

Painting your nails is ok, just stay away from the gels until they're in a better place.


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