What is the Kiki Challenge and Why is it Being Banned?

By First Posted: Aug 3, 2018 Fri 1:06 PM
What is the Kiki Challenge and Why is it Being Banned?
Image Credit: cartoq

Kiki challenge is getting popular and viral these days. In this challenge, people will move out to of the slow-moving vehicle and start dancing on Drake’s song. Kiki comes from the lyrics of the song: “Kiki, do you love me?” But it’s not the Canadian rapper who encouraged the viral challenge. It was internet comedian Shiggy who posted a video of him dancing on the streets on June 30, hence the alternative names #ShiggyChallenge or #DoTheShiggy. And the rest followed the comedian. What’s strange, though, is that Shiggy’s video didn’t involve any vehicle.

This challenge has created a lot of life threats and physical damage than fun. The police labeled it a ‘high risk and silly stunt’, involving dancing alongside a moving vehicle and hopping back into it. If someone is dancing for #KikiChallenge on the roads, police will surely make them dance behind the bars!! "Kiki Challenge may get you a Kick of Law not Kick of Dance": the city police are not taking gently to the trend, and on Wednesday issued a warning against doing it.

A similar warning has also been issued by police in other parts of the country. Taking a stricter approach, the challenge has been banned in Spain, UAE and Egypt. We just hope that people are safe and abide by government road laws.


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