Reasons Why Our Hair is Greying Much Earlier than our Parents'

By First Posted: Aug 1, 2018 Wed 3:24 PM
Reasons Why Our Hair is Greying Much Earlier than our Parents'
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It is very noticeable in recent days that our hair is greying much faster than our parents. Well, it is hard to digest that lifestyle changes and environmental factors are the ones that can process such changes at an early stage of life.

Here we have several reasons why our hair is greying faster than our parents’:

>Medical causes: It has been confirmed that sometimes chronic cold, chronic constipation, anemia, or problems with thyroid gland can also cause this disheartening problem. In fact, hyperthyroidism is one of the main factors for greying.

>Deficiency of Nutrients: Greying at 25 may be caused by your unprovoked diet as well. If you are reducing the intake of Vitamin B12, iodine, copper, iron, proteins, amino acids, and folic acids, you are divulging yourself to hair graying at an early age.

>Use of chemical and electronics: If you apply concentrated hair dyes every now and then, your hair may have to agonize the loss. The same applies to frequent users of electric hair dryers and irons. Any kind of hair misuse is simply intolerable for robust hair color and lustrous dark tresses.

>Stress: Emotional tremor or chaos can cause greying of hair prematurely. Stress decreases the amount of pigment our hair receives when it grows. Try to keep your stress levels down to prevent premature greying.

>Unhealthy habits: White hair can be the consequence of unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. Smokers are more likely to have more white hair than their counterparts.

So, above are some of the reasons why our hair is turning grey faster than our parents’.


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