Health Benefits of the Portfolio Diet.

By First Posted: Jul 29, 2018 Sun 8:15 PM
Health Benefits of the Portfolio Diet.
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Have you heard of the portfolio diet? That advice comes from David J.A. Jenkins, MD, maker of the portfolio diet. Or, as the University of Toronto nutrition expert prefers to call it, a dietary portfolio. The "portfolio diet" drops blood pressure by an average of two percent in study members when equated with another diet suggested to reduce hypertension.

There are many health benefits of the portfolio diet and is considered as one of the most effective ones when it comes to reducing cholesterol and heart-related diseases. Portfolio diet lowers LDL cholesterol, and certainty balances our health potential.

Portfolio diet is able to show that:

>The diet lowered cholesterol significantly.

>In short-term studies the portfolio diet lowered cholesterol about as much as a low dose statin.

>In longer studies the portfolio diet lowered cholesterol on average by 20%.

>Those sticking to the diet more severely lowered their cholesterol the most.

The portfolio diet includes as much sticky fiber as possible. Observance of the diet can be stimulating for some people, but many find that integrating just a few more plant-based foods offers perceptible benefits. Portfolio diet can be used for ethical and environmental reasons—plant-based diets generally have a smaller eco-footprint than standard Western diets, so try it for more health benefits.


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